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Amazon Jungle Ranger


An Amazon Jungle Ranger is for children of any age and it means that after seeing the show and learning about the rainforest animals you are qualified with supervision to handle and keep reptiles! 

Shadow a Zookeeper


Become a Jungle Ranger by shadowing a zookeeper for a day!   A special day for a child to see how a Zoologist works!  You will get to feed the reptiles like feed mice to the snakes, crickets to spiders, chicken to the tegu and salad to the iguana!  You will also get to handle each reptile, clean their habitats, learn about them, take photos of your special day and receive your jungle ranger pack full of gifts and stationary. 

Animal Care Course


The third way to become the best Amazon Jungle Ranger is by completing an fantastic course in Animal Care from a qualified Zoologist.  This is a unique and fun educational course for boys and girls of any age, and even adults, wishing to gain some knowledge in the care and welfare of animals.  This is a fun and easy qualification for young children therefore is not recognised by any examinating body.  It can be held at schools, learning centres or any corporate organisation.


Week one Introduction of group, the five freedoms and instinct

Week two Domestic cats, dogs and wildlife

Week three Birds, rabbits, hamsters and fish

Week four Reptiles and Graducation.

© 2014 by Catherine Bennett BSc

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